The Truth Project:

  • The Truth project will take you through the disciplines of science and modern education and display how all of the various disciplines of study: anthropology, education, economics, business, sociology, philosophy, psychology, etc.. , are rooted in the word of God; it exemplifies how, one of the most ancient texts known to man was the pillar for education, modern political formation, and even modern science. This Series is Awesome and highly recommended for study groups. It would be beneficial for both believers and non-believers alike.

The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, The Case for a Creator: Written by Lee Strobel. This texts were written by a man who had studied law and journaling, his case was to prove the foolishness of Christ and in the end he realized how foolish his objective had been. With manifold evidence of the creator every direction that he turned, he had not choice but to publicize it. This case is convincing, compelling, and encouraging if nothing else.

Curry Blake: Divine Healing Technician

  • The Divine Healing Technician series is one of the most ground-breaking teachings you will ever encounter. It is rooted in the teachings of John G Lake who saw over 1 million healing’s in the time of his life. Not only does this series teach about how God is The Healer, but it also teaches a solid foundation for stepping out in faith in obedience to the Spirit. It urges us to live that life of adventure, that roller-coaster of a ride that God wills to unravel before us, that His name might be glorified, and our lives might reflect His spontaneous love and courageousness.


Curry Blake: New Man Seminar

  • The New Man Seminar teaches us about who we really are in Christ, what our identity is, and how we can live that out through every step of our daily lives. Curry Blake said that more people have been healed during this seminar than in any other healing conference he’s held. When people learn about the true depth of God’s promise to them, and come to know more of the Spirit that God promised as their Great Counselor and daily guidance, healing takes place. Healing in the deepest part of us. Power in the depths of our heart. Excitement spurring from our very core. Love saturating our entire being. This is who you are!

Other John G Lake/ Curry Blake Materials and Resources


BOOKS: In Regards To Most Of These Books, I have bought hundreds of copies of these to distribute to my friends. These books have transformed me so much that I literally spend my paycheck’s purchasing and distributing them to the people whom I feel they might bless. I really hope that by posting these resources you’ll be able to find books that also apply to your current circumstances and might be able to bless you in your current situation as well.

The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun

  • This is one of the most incredible books of this generation. This man suffered for his faith. A christian man born again in a communist nation. He saw countless healings and countless miracles unwind before his very eyes. He was imprisoned in the top security prison of his nation for spreading his faith and for healing others. He was beaten, and starved for a hundred days, yet he walked out of that prison, right past the guards, with broken legs and angels by his side. The government wrote countless reviews about this mans life, not quite able to comprehend how or what he had done. Although this book sounds a lot like the book of acts and is hard to fathom, it happened within the past 50 years. All of these accounts are attested to by multiple people as well as government officials who spent their lives trying to chase down this man. If you have a heart for Asia then this book must be read!
  • Texts From Dennis Balcombe on The Chinese Church

Family Foundations International (Counseling, Healing, Repairing Families)

  • This training is operated out of Colorado Springs, but has made it’s way around the world. I learned about it in Namibia Southern Africa where we were put through the training with a local team. This experience has impacted my life in a way that I could not have possibly imagined. It takes you on a journey through the hurts, pains, scars, and events of the past that still affect who you are today, but the most brilliant part is that it shows you that Jesus is, was, and always will be the healer. During this training I was healed of so many hurts that I had received in my past and in my childhood, they were things I was not consciously aware of, yet they were the causes for my performance driven life and my desire for approval. God showed me the very root of these problems, showed me that they were unhealthy, and then healed me to be free from these things. These books teach us about the way God designed a family to be, and if we follow the principles that God lays out throughout the bible, that our families and lives will transform.

The Five Love Languages (Discovering yourself, healing, marriage restoration, understanding your heart and communicating it to others)

  • I have personally given this book to friends and seen it restore marriages on the verge of divorce. It is an amazing tool to deeper understanding of self. It teaches a concept similar to this. If I am speaking Chinese, and telling you I love you, you are amazing, I am so grateful for you. It is likely that you will not understand, therefore my words will not encourage you or move your heart. The same principle is applied in love. If someone speaks the language of gifts (If someone gives them a gift, their heart lights up), and their spouse is continually draining him/herself in every way to express love to that person through the love language of service (doing the dishes, the laundry, doing everything possible to please their spouse), then that person may find difficulty appreciating their spouse because their spouse needs to hear a different language then they are speaking in. This book is profound at helping us understand how to efficiently speak to and express love to the varying people in our lives.

The Old Testament Template By Landa Cope

  • This is one of the most revolutionary pieces of text I have ever read. It changed my entire understanding of the bible as the word of God. This book overviews the fact that Christianity isn’t just spiritual, it is bigger than that. The bible lays out the principles upon which our government structures, education systems, banks, and businesses function, or at least the way in which they should function. In Deuteronomy Chapter 9 Moses asks God how am I supposed to manage a nation? God says let the people elect leaders, the leaders that they elect will represent them before me. It sound’s a lot like a democracy doesn’t it? Well in addition to laying out the domocratic political system 2000+ years ago, the bible also lays out a handful of other systems that teach and encourage us in using our resources, our political systems, our schools for helping others, for reaching every nation, for creating justice, and for magnifying His glory. Less than 3% of the church is doing what we would call spiritual work (missionaries, pastors, clergy, administration). The other 97% is also wrapped up in His work, the work of doing business, of teaching children, of fighting for righteousness in politics. These people’s only responsibility to the church is not financial, it is in the midst of their daily work. The Word of God doesn’t just teach us about Jesus and Salvation, but it sheds just as much light on serving God in every other sphere of life. Being the body of Christ by using your business to bless the starving, being the body of Christ by tutoring struggling kids after a long hard day of teaching. Without that other 97% Chirsts body is not complete.
    • Find The Old Testament Template Here
    • El modelo de transformacion social del antiguo testamento (Spanish Edition)  Here 
  • Other Texts By Landa Cope