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  • How Should The Church Respond To The Refugee Crisis?  1 out of every 122 people have been dislodged from their homes with no place to stay, nowhere to go, and all that they have worked for torn away from them. How would you cope? Is this an issue that the church should respond to? What are the facts about the refugee crisis? What are some of the possible causes behind the refugee crisis. Syrian refugees, Somali Refugees, Palestinian Refugees, Cuban Refuges, Darfur, South and North Sudan, Jordan. What are some possible solutions for the current refugee crisis? This issue has become global and deserves our immediate response Click Here to Download The Article


  • Resilience and Effective Discipleship of Non-Mormon Christian Families Living in Utah. Utah is a strange and beautiful place. The fact that throughout most of the state greater than 70% of the population are adherents to the Mormon religion makes for a very unique culture in Utah. What does the Book of Mormon teach? What is the Mormon message, what are Mormon beliefs? What are the teachings of the Mormon church? How does Christianity respond in such a dominantly Mormon culture? Bible, Bible Teachings, Bible verses. What does the Bible have to say about these things? What is a good Christian response? What does the Bible say about: marriage, children, prayer, kids, women, church, faith, and Jesus? How do these teaching differ from the Mormon church? Click Here to Read our Article


  • Transformation in Almolonga, Guatemala. What Model Should the Church Follow in it’s Service Among the Poor? An Amazing Testimony of What God is Doing Around The World Transforming Communities. This community was plagued with excessive idol worship and alcoholism, the city was filled with jails and the chaos was unending. As the thugs of the city tried to shoot bullets down the throat of the cities head pastor, he prayed for deliverance. Transformed by this situation both he and his flock sprung forth praying and fasting and watched as the stronghold of idols was torn from the city. Transformed this city became full of revival. All four jails were shut down because crime simply ceased to exist. Crops began multiplying and on top of a 1000% increase in crop production the size of the crops were unheard of. With Carrots bigger than an adults arm and couliflower bigger than a child’s torso this city became the epicenter of scientific research in an attempt to figure out what on earth happened here? . . WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!


  • What Does it Look Like to be Radically Called into a Life of Service to God? How do you know when your called to ministry? What does it mean to be called to ministry? Prayer, Prophecies, God, and the scriptures are all key voices that God will use to help you understand the calling He has for your life. God knows your heart, He knows your life. He knows your gifts and skills. “You weren’t an accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t an assembly line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on earth by the Master Craftsmen.” – Max Lucado. Click here to read the article