Teaching in China can be one of the most crippling or empowering experiences of a lifetime. Some people arrive in this new world that is thriving with life, and are overwhelmed by the flurry of bikes, carts, and people whizzing around them. The shouting, singing, and Granny’s notoriously dancing in the town squares. Keng Fu performances sporadically enacted on street corners.

With 6,000 years of tradition and history this country is seeming with beauty. Simply the act discovering this people is an adventure with endless opportunities.

Teaching opportunities in China include

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Training Schools (Children, Teenagers, Adults)
  • Primary & Middle Schools
  • Universities

Community Life

Fellowship Groups/ Ministry Platform’s

  • Sports Ministry (Basketball, Pool, Ping Pong, Crossfit)
  • Leadership Club’s (ToastMaster’s)
  • Learning & Business Platform
  • English Study groups
  • Music Performance in Pubs or Stages

Activities/ Social Life

  • Entertainment: Bowling, Movies, Lazertag, all of the miscillaneous things you can find in the average American city.
  • Adventure trips: Every city has countless historical land marks and monuments. When I lived in China I would spend my two day weekends buying tickets to random cities and exploring them. Nearby Cities include (Suzhou [the city of gardens], Yangzhou [Autumn of Rainbows], Shanghai [on the ocean], Nanjing [the ancient capital], Thousand Island Lake, Hangzhou, The Infamous XiHu [westlake],  Wuzhen [the Venice of the east], Zhujiajiao,  Chengzhou, Nantong, Wuxi, and many others.)
  • Bike Tours: Bike rides to the Yellow River and other miscellaneous parks and ancient villages. Countless times I have gotten on my bike and taken off on adventures to the unknown. There is boundless potential to be discovered.

Fellowship Groups/ Acquiring a Chinese Family

  • We have boundless opportunities in China, connections with groups, families, and believers who are willing to take you on as their own child and devoted to making your stay here as beautiful and productive as it can be.
  • For More information on this please email:

Facilities / Wages / Accomodation

  • Housing fully paid for and situated
    • Fully Furnished, with accomodations.
  • 6,000 to 10,000 RMB (1,000 to 1,500 U.S.D) / Month
    • With this wage I saved 14,000$ U.S. in 1 year, with several vacations to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.
    • Living expenses are extremely cheap in China. With all of your necessities being paid for it is possible to save almost all of your paycheck and put it in the bank or towards loans.

Work Setting/ Training Opportunities

  • We will provide you with top quality cultural orientation, training, preparation, and indigenous teams.
  • Ministry training, discipleship methods, continued spiritual support and accountability.
  • Mutual planning of future Ministry work. Working together to establish your goals, helping you save for the ministry you are called into. Planning strategic steps to launch that vision, and taking realistic steps towards it’s establishment.
  • Local and foreign Bilingual translators that are willing to help serve you and bring you deeper into the community life of the city.
  • Opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese
  • 100 to 300 students that look up to you, love you, learn from you, hope in you.

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